The Literary Girlfriend: Family Christmas Drama

Dysfunctional Literacy

Literary Jane

Things had started off so well.  Daniella and my family were getting along great on Christmas Eve day, as we (Daniella, my mom, one of my brothers, and I) were hanging around the dining room table with a bunch of kids running in and out, and then I had to use a sentence with “Daniella” and “love” in it.  I hadn’t meant to use the word “love” while referring to Daniella.  She had once said “Love ya!” to me, but that had been casual, and I had never mentioned it to her, and she had never said it again.

Now I had just said there was something that I “love” about Daniella, and my mom and my older brother got quiet and gave each other looks around the dining room table.  I hadn’t told them Daniella was my girlfriend because I paid all her bills.  That wasn’t something that a…

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The Word That Rhymes With Orange

Dysfunctional Literacy

He spent hours searching for a word that rhymes with orange... but to no avail.  (image via wikimedia) He spent hours searching for a word that rhymes with orange… but to no avail. (image via wikimedia)

My youngest daughter thought of a word that rhymes with “orange.”  This is a big deal because I’ve always heard that nothing rhymes with “orange.”  During my daughter’s English class this week, when some student asked what could rhyme with orange, the teacher answered with nothing, and my daughter blurted out:

“Door hinge!”

I don’t know how she thought of it.  She’s not even sure.  Maybe she was staring at a door hinge, but I doubt a door hinge would catch her attention, unless it was a glittery, sparkly door hinge with lots of unicorns on/around it.  Maybe my daughter read or heard that “door hinge” rhymes with “orange,” but I’ve never heard that before, so maybe she thought of it herself.

When my daughter said “door hinge” out loud to the…

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A Synopsis

I sat in a dark movie house

Each seat was filled,
There wasn’t room for a mouse

People had their popcorn ready to eat

Their friends with them
Everyone they ever wanted to meet

To the left and right of me

I looked to see
But no one sat with me

The projector sounded from above

And a hush fell over us
The silence created an eerie hum

My heart flickered along with the screen lights

The film started and chilled me with fright
The film was a synopsis of my life

The crowd reacted for a time

Some sneered and some cheered
Some laughed and some cried

The film was a synopsis of my life

The film was a synopsis of my life

The film played for two minutes

But I cant remember
Not twenty-four seconds of it

But when it finished I do recall one thing

That everyone around me Finally
Looked over and noticed me

And everyone who was angry and sad

Those who had cried and laughed
Those who had cried and clapped

They all shared the same expression

Their green eyes, grey and blue
Some green and some black as blue

Would you like to know what expression they bore?

The sad truth is that
Every face looked completely and utterly bored

I woke up with a jump and screamed

Until I breathed deep
And realized it was a dream

But I didn’t forget it you see

Because that day
There was one thought that I took with me

It was this: 

When I sleep to wake no more

I will sit to watch my synopsis

And I really don’t want to be bored

I really, really don’t want to be bored